Mabels Gone Wild (anunnakigirl) wrote in seattle,
Mabels Gone Wild

Room or Rooms for Rent--HOT TUB! PETS OK!

I am posting this because I need to find a person or a couple of persons to replace me in this great house hopefully by august 1st

There is one laid back dog & cat residing in the house now and most likely the landlord will allow another well behaved animal (we just don't want a farm).
The house has 2 'living room areas' - 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms and we now use one of the rooms as an office - I'm either looking for 1 person that would like the bottom half of the house (negotiable) or 2 roommates. The bedrooms are on the smaller side but there is plenty of living space so that we wouldn't be getting in eachothers hair all of the time.

Hardwood floors upstairs, carpet downstairs. The house has been almost totally renovated by the landlord so it's in very good condition - it's a nice place to live. There is a great (BIG) deck and large, fenced backyard. A Hot Tub (yes a hot tub)! Washer & Dryer and a little bit of storage space. Huge kitchen and tons of kitchen supplies. The living situation could be set up in a couple of different ways depending on how much privacy / separateness is wanted from the future roomie(s). I'm a 32 year old 8-5'r.

The lease is up in March and I won't be renewing it because I'm moving out of state. This could be ideal if you are in a situation where you'd want to take over the lease and have another roommate in mind - ideally I would like to get out of the lease in January BUT won't if I can't find someone to take over. I'd also be open to a couple.

I believe in respecting my roommates space & privacy and expect the same. I'm open to hanging out if that works out but basically I'm just looking for roommates that can be responsible, respectful, pay their house bills, clean up after themselves, and be cool w/ animals.
Please email me for more information &/or if you'd like to take a look at the place and meet me. I can also send you some pics of the place.

The place will be available August 1st.
Rent for one more roomie would be $712.50 + 1/2 utilities (basic cable (if wanted), cable internet (if wanted), WSG, PUD, oil (pretty cheap)).
Rent situation for 2 more people coming in would be as follows: Med sized room upstairs w/ big window - $475.00, Downstairs, smaller room - $425.00 - w/ the utilities being split 3 ways.

First/Last/Deposit (If it's one person - 712.50, last and deposit may be able to be broken up). Deposit is $325 each.
And the landlord wants references...just someone that can verify you are a good person & you pay your rent! The landlord is a cool laid back guy and just wants some good renters.

115th Ave. N.E. and 35th Ave. N.E

You can respond to me or check out the ad on craigslist

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