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Person or assistance needed for Cyrillic typsetting/design on Mac

Person or assistance needed for Cyrillic (Russian) typsetting/design on the Mac.

Either I am doing something incorrectly, or I lack the system requirements/software/plug-in/whatever for creating a document in Freehand 10 (Mac) with Cyrillic.

Using: Mac OS 9.2.2, Freehand 10, MS Word 98

Third party entered Russian text on Mac using some Geneva Cyrillic font. My computer lacks Geneva Cyrillic, so Russian text opens in all apps as underscores. When switched to my local Arial Cyrillic font, still shows as underscores.

Mac refuses to complete copy and paste of text from Word into text block in Freehand while text is set to Cyrillic font. Will complete copy/paste with any western font.

Assistance needed for either setting up my computer to do this, or will commission individual to complete project on their own. Design is complete, just typesetting needed. Compensation negotiable.

Thank you!

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