Quan Minh Dau (qmdau) wrote in seattle,
Quan Minh Dau

Hey everyone,

I have a friend who is a counselor at Safe Futures Youth Center in West Seattle. The center is like a YMCA for high risk juveniles. The students want to start a science club at the center and in order to spur interest among the group they want to build remote control cars, remote control airplanes and rockets. We are currently in the process of writing a grant for this project, but were unsure of the cost of each of the items needed to make this project a reality.

If anyone has any experience in building any of these items please feel free to email me what type of equipment you suggest we plan on purchasing as well as the price of the items needed. Also if you would like to participate by helping the kids create the cars, airplanes or rockets, please email also because myself and the other counselors have very limited knowledge in this field of expertise.

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