AngelSong (angelsong) wrote in seattle,

Antique VW repair in the Seattle area?

Hi, I'm moving my antique VW to Washington from CT in a couple of weeks, and since the company that is transporting it can't bring it on the ferry to my new house on Bainbridge Island, I am trying to figure out another solution. The car was recently oozing some liquid and I want to get it checked out with a great mechanic that is very knowledgeble of antique VW's, and since the car can not be brought over on the ferry by the transport company, I figure I can just have it delivered to the mechanics garage and have it tuned up and fixed up there and then eventually bring the car over on the ferry myself.

So, does anyone have any referrals? Preferably not in downtown Seattle, but a suburb near there?

Thanks for any help! :-)
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