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Recently the sweet poodle I have been walking for 2 years died.

It was an ideal job--he needed walking between 11a-12/noon, was close to home,
and he was non-aggressive. In fact, I never even had to walk
him on a leash. He always stayed close to me.

Now I'm looking for another dog-walking job on or close
to Cap Hill/CD area. If you need a reliable walker
with lots of love to give, and impeccable references,
please let me know.

Thank you, Seattle! Hope you're enjoying your summer.
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Outdoor Star Trek

Outdoor Trek is an episode of The Original Series of Star Trek adapted for the stage and performed live in Seattle’s Blanche Lavizzo Park. This year’s episode is “Amok Time” (yes, the one where Spock goes into heat). Starting July 18, the play runs every Saturday at 7pm and every Sunday at 2pm and ends August 9. Pre-shows start and hour before the show and food trucks will be at every event. Outdoor Trek features a live band, genderbending casting, and a DIY aesthetic that makes Star Trek’s optimistic future feel close to home.

The play is free. Spread the word.
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Please give blood: Heat wave blood shortage and new much shorter deferral times for tattoos

The heat wave has severely disrupted blood donations (many mobile drives had to be canceled) especially for O-, O+ and A-

If you a freshly inked and so think you aren't eligible, when I was at the blood center yesterday they said the deferral period has been shortened from a year to 3 days as long as you got your ink at a licensed WA, OR, CA or ID artist who uses sterile equipment.

Also, there is air conditioning, free cookies, and usually wi-fi.

July 4th tends to be a spike in blood need anyway, so please donate if you can.

(Unfortunately, the ban on men who have ever had sex with men is still in place; the blood centers are just as mad about it as I am but the FDA is currently holding the line.)

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hi seattle!

i'm organizing a camping trip for my african drumming students on the last wknd of june.
we thought we had a place picked out but it turns out we can't have a fire there.

can anyone offer suggestions as to where we could camp and drum?
it would have to be pretty close to where we park our cars because we have heavy drums.
couldn't be too close to others cos we'll be drumming A LOT.
would be great if campfires were allowed.
also, would like it to be within 2 hrs drive of seattle.

would love your thoughts! thank you!!