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hair removal?

Any recommendations for good permanent hair removal (i.e. laser, electrolysis, etc.) in Seattle and points north? 
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May 4 2014, 02:34:18 UTC 4 months ago

What body part?


May 4 2014, 05:31:07 UTC 4 months ago



May 4 2014, 08:25:37 UTC 4 months ago

I've started seeing Joan at Expert Electrolysis, in N Ballard; I really like her so far. Before her I went to Lotus Electrolysis, near Greenlake, for a year and a half; Chandra is a nice lady, but I don't think her technique is the best.


May 4 2014, 18:19:17 UTC 4 months ago



May 5 2014, 03:39:15 UTC 4 months ago

While I don't have a recommendation for the Seattle area, I am a huge fan of laser hair removal. I had mine done in So Cal, and over 90% of it is gone and has not come back. Much more effective for me than electrolysis.


May 5 2014, 16:37:18 UTC 4 months ago

It seems there is so much variation depending on the person receiving the treatment. I had some laser hair removal, and some electrolysis, and all of the hair for both types came back (facial area) - and I had laser only performed on my legs and probably about 25% came back. Perhaps technology has changed a lot since I had it done (over 10 years ago) but my experience has not been that it's permanent at all.


May 5 2014, 20:16:24 UTC 4 months ago

Oh wow, I had mine done in So. Cal over 10 years ago, and the laser has been quite permanent. Of course, I was considered the "ideal" candidate - dark hair, extremely light complexion. Before that, I had tried electrolysis, and I didn't have much luck with that. Laser hurt, but I am still happy with the results. I wish I could remember what kind of laser they did.

This may sound odd, but the best source of permanent hair removal info for me has been the transgender community. When I intruded on their forums and asked a ton of questions, they were polite and extremely understanding, as well as holding a wealth of information at their fingertips on what worked and didn't for them, and why they thought it did or didn't work. That's how I got the laser clinic name for mine.


May 5 2014, 20:37:11 UTC 4 months ago

I'm supposedly "ideal" as well, very light complected with dark coarse hair. I think my body just has the most stubborn hair ever. Waxing only works for a week at most (I know that hair grows in cycles but if I wax every week, every single week, I've got more growth, so eventually you'd think that I'd have caught every cycle... but nope).

Lucky me =P


May 6 2014, 04:04:56 UTC 4 months ago

I tried several different places in Seattle from Groupons--one got rid of basically zero hair. One got about 60%. And the other place got it all. Though it was all "laser hair removal" they were all using different types. So I kept going back to the place that worked, even though it's in Tacoma.


July 26 2014, 02:30:09 UTC 1 month ago

Have been doing IPL at Bellevue Laser and Cosmetic for medical reasons (recurrent skin infections blah blah). Started in March, have done 3 sessions, 3 more to go. So far so good - bilat lower legs and face 6 treatments $2880. WAY cheaper than the ideal image people and there is an actual doctor in the building should you need it.

I have a tough time with the pain but after last time they got me set up with a valium script to take the edge off. :-p

Big help so far - eventually I'll want to do more for just cosmetics/laziness and I'd definitely go back to them. Doesn't hurt that Dr. Chiu was the first doc to actually diagnose and treat me correctly.