Wonder Woman (crankygirlie) wrote in seattle,
Wonder Woman


I don't usually feel the compulsion to make these kinds of posts, but...

If you're up in Shoreline near Shoreline Community College, do you know WHAT THE HELL is going on with the plane (or chopper?) that's been up in the air for like twenty minutes now?! It's a bit nerve wracking.

Edit: It is gone and remains a mystery... dun dun dun.
The WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Dammit, that's almost enough to make me want to use Facebook, to be part of a SECRET SHORELINE PAGE.

...But no answers? It was seriously starting to wig me out. At first it was kind of funny when I thought I was hilarious and asked my husband, "Hey, is someone mowing their lawn with an airplane?" Him: "Huh. That is kind of what it sounds like."

But then later, it just got creepy, especially when hubby speculated they might be looking for someone. And then was like, I'm gonna go outside and see if I can see anything. NO. YOU'RE NOT. YOU DON'T SAY MAYBE THEY'RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE AND THEN IDIOTICALLY OPEN OUR FRONT DOOR AND STEP OUTSIDE, DIPSHIT. Only I kept all the mean words in my head and only said, "Please no.".

This barrage of TMI is brought to you by a LOT OF COFFEE.


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