thatsassylassie (thatsassylassie) wrote in seattle,

Moving recommendations


I'm moving towards the end of the month and looking for advice on who to hire (or avoid) for a local move. We're just going from SLU to Mt. Baker/Columbia City area. Any personal experience or recommendations greatly appreciated.

Additionally, any places worth checking out in the Columbia City neighborhood (other than the places on Rainier)? I've gotten spoiled living so close to Fremont and downtown. I don't really know this neighborhood very well yet.  Thanks in advance for any wisdom.
We used Puget Sound Moving twice last year, and they were great. They charge by the hour and their quote includes gas and some packing materials (they wrap certain items in plastic or blankets). You can choose how large a crew you want and give the scheduler an idea of what you need to have moved (safes, large furniture pieces, how many stairs the house has, etc) for a quote over the phone.


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