Opinyunz. I haz dem. (hannahsarah) wrote in seattle,
Opinyunz. I haz dem.

I need a grief therapist.

Hey Seattle.

My mom passed away about a year and a half ago, and I'm still struggling with it.  I'm already on butt loads of antidepressants and anti anxiety meds, plus sleeping pills, but I'm not coping well.

I need to talk to someone, preferably in the South end, Rainier Ave., etc.  or downtown.  It would be awesome if they did NLP or CBT type therapy.  Bonus points and I will bake you brownies if they accept Medicare, but if not and they're good, I'll find the money somehow.

My Google fu is failing me.

Please help.  My mom would not want me to be like this, she wants me to enjoy my life.

Thank you.
Tags: mental health
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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my father to cancer when I was 20 and I still miss him everyday (15+ years later!).
PS -- I had a year (2012-2013) of CBT therapy at Harborview (I assume they accept Medicaid?).
Sound Mental Health takes Medicaid and has multiple locations around the city. The community clinic at Antioch University (6th and Bell) has a sliding scale fee structure.

I'm sorry for your loss. Good for you for getting help.
Aw crap. LJ ate my reply because it was marked as spam.

Anyway, try the Crisis Clinic. Just google "Seattle Crisis Clinic" and you'll get the link. That's where I found my fantastic therapist after a devastating loss. However, he's in Mountlake Terrace which is a far distance from your south Seattle request.

Good luck. I am sorry for your loss.
I hope you find someone. Let us know. I'd like to store it for future reference. My mom and husband are both ill, and I really haven't found any counselor who gets it. I don't want to waste the time/money anymore.