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6th annual street youth fundraiser--UPDATE

OK, so, here's the final update on my 6th annual street youth xmas fundraiser--the goal was $1600.00 and WE BLEW PAST IT by several hundred!! Our grand total, collected from 36 donors is $2,037.98--WOOHOOO!!! that's about $167.00 a month that i'll be able to afford to get kids that one thing they really need; a phone for job searching, a bus ticket back to their home state and families, warm winter-wear and blankets, hand-warmers (a homeless man said last night that they were "lifesavers", they are, buy some and keep them in your glovebox for the ppl spanging at off-ramps. that and new pairs of socks) 3 $15.00 money orders a month for our kids in prison,--on and on, so much need comes up! and now, thanks to these 36 donors and all of the people who rallied and shared, i'm in a position to help a lil bit. i bless you all. this is truly the real spirit of Christmas. deep, deep thank you's to Cathy C, Cara L, Age D (gave twice!), Sara G, Clystina W, Linda L #1, Linda L #2, Nicholas I, Jack, Justin S (is this the ex-street youth?? that would be a first, and awesome, must find out), Mary F, Don L, Stephanie M, Aaron G, Mac M, Sharon P, Babylonia A, Patsyann C (gave twice!), Carlo V, Ryan W, Carolyn F, Nicole D, Deirdre&Blake L, Rachel P, Shannon R (gave twice!), Jennifer C, Chalice B, Audra B, Yahm P, Karen S, Lori J, Meagan B, Carol W, Suzanne P, Mindy W, Ruth Y. BLESS YOU ALL.
some years ago, i put together a lil slideshow of some of my street family members. click on the link below, click on 'Street Youth in Seattle', then 'play slideshow', turn on yr speakers, and sit back and enjoy.

i love you all. i love you all.



96 hr update: every morning for the last 4 days i've started my day weeping tears of joy while sipping my coffee and reading all the incredible notes of love and support pouring in on behalf of my beloved street family.
notes like this one:

Mac ******* sent you $75.00 USD:

"I wish so much that I could donate more. We have so little money but we wanted to help, so we took all of our Christmas budget and we're giving it to the kids who need it so much more than our gift recipients do. :-) Katia, these kids are so fortunate to have a mother like you. Bless you."

WHOA. right? ...i'm more convinced than ever that the greatest gift one can give to themselves is to help others.

so,.. here's where we're at--the goal this year is to reach $1600.00 which beats last year's total by $8.00. we are now at $1,457.06 (!!!) we are only $143.00 away from our goal! we sooo got this. we need one last final push to get over that finish-line. so pls toss in a few dollars and continue to share (all the shares have been amazing!) and by this time tomorrow, we'll be wrapping things up here w a huge THANK YOU and a street family slideshow. Merry Xmas, and bless you all!! <3

72 hr Update: Big, wonderful spike in donations yesterday! We're up to 19 donors giving a total of $1,136.50!! I couldn't be happier. Only $463.50 to raise to reach this year's goal of $1600.00. Yesterday's donations were big--3 people gave a total of $400.00. Wow! But now's the time when lots of smaller $5. & $10. donations can make a huge difference. Pls help us get to the finish-line! For the Kids!! <3

48 hr Update: A dozen people have donated a total of $631.50! We're 40% to the goal of $1600. Please keep sharing and pls keep giving. Let's show the youth here that we love them and care deeply for their well-being. <3

24 hr Update: It's been almost 24 hours since the fundraiser began and, so far, 7 people have donated a total of $453.25! That's a great start toward my $1600. goal this year, but we need more than 7 people to step up for our youth! Can you donate what you'll spend at your favorite coffee shop today to help support street kids who are trying to improve their lives? Pls consider it. The money raised will likely last all year and goes to things like--winter wear, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, skateboards (totally legitimate, environmentally friendly means of transportation!), books, phones (for kids actively looking for employment), clothing, bus tickets, replacement ID's, household items for when they get their 1st apt/room..

To donate $ go to this paypal link:


And make a donation to my email address: iamkatia@gmail.com

If you'd rather offer gift cards, that's awesome! I'll PM you my address.

If you rather meet a youth and take them shopping for their needs, i will be thrilled to arrange that!

If you can only spare $5.00, I know what that's like! and I will put it to good use.

I have been so honored to be street mom for hundreds of youth over the last decade. It's been the most important thing I've ever done in my life. And I have been so blessed by the kid's presence in my life.

Thank you for supporting these amazing and worthy young members of our Family. <3

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