weekilter (weekilter) wrote in seattle,

Non traditional sirens in Seattle?

I thought it was sort of odd, but a few days ago I heard a "European" sounding siren here in Seattle. Is this something new or just an anomaly?
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October 13 2013, 06:10:57 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  October 13 2013, 06:11:12 UTC

Can't say I've heard one, but I'd wager it was one of the gazillion private EMS companies, with one of their new (also European looking) Sprinter ambulances.
Actually, those Sprinter vehicles are just re-badged Mercedes vans. There's also a variant of that vehicle which has a "Freightliner" badge and slightly modified grill, but you can readily tell it's the Mercedes van. I guess Mercedes is multi-branching what with Smart Cars and all.
Yeah, Daimler owns Freightliner, and the Dodge brand is a holdover from Daimler-Chrysler days. I was mostly pointing out that, regardless of the branding, the Sprinter has been the standard ambulance vehicle in Europe for quite a few years now, so it wouldn't surprise me if one of the EMS companies also adopted the stereotypical European ambulance siren when they adopted the stereotypical European ambulance vehicle.
They only did that because Ford discontinued the diesel E-series chassis that most ambulances were built on. Heck, they're doing away with the E-series vans completely too, replacing with something that... looks like a Sprinter.
I've heard them multiple times in the ballard/interbay area.
Probably a ringtone.
I'd hear them from time to time in Houston and maybe here too a couple of times.
I used to work for an ambulance company and a couple of our rigs had sirens that did the two-tone European sound. It actually got people's attention when the regular ones wouldn't.