Banana (pechey203) wrote in seattle,

Best Pay-As-You-Go Cellphone Providers in Seattle

 Hi all,

I was wondering what your guys' experiences have been with pay-as-you-go cell providers in Seattle. Who offers the best pricing? Coverage? etc, etc. I think I need to get a cell phone for my mom, so that my sister and I can better keep track of her when she's out and about, and so she has something in case of emergencies. She doesn't know how to text or anything like that, so it doesn't need to be a fancy "plan" or anything. I've seen cheap cell phones and phone cards at places like Big Lots (like $10-$25 for the phone, then the phone cards...I think they're through TracPhone?), but I'm a bit weary because they are so cheap. I don't want to get one just to have it not work well or have shoddy coverage. Since she wouldn't be using it that much, just for calls to check in, etc, I don't think it's really worth getting a proper cell phone plan for her through one of the normal carriers. 

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

Edit: I looked at the memories and there are a couple posts about this subject from around 2003. While somewhat helpful, I know things have changed A LOT in the last 7 years so I'm hoping for more updated info. 
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