Brian (lunarobverse) wrote in seattle,

Bus station lockers?

Are there bus lockers at the Amtrak station near Qwest Field?

I'm taking a train up to Seattle from Portland on Saturday. I'm going to be seeing Bad Religion play at El Corazon, then taking a train back the following morning.

Since I'll be out late, I'm thinking I won't need a hotel room. But I'd like a locker or something to stash my stuff in overnight.

I've checked the Amtrak site and it mentions "checked luggage" service, but I'm not sure that's the same thing I'm thinking of. And the last time I assumed I could find bus or train lockers was in Penn Station in Manhattan a couple years back - but I was told that was pre-9/11 thinking. No lockers anymore.

If any of y'all can answer before tomorrow morning, that'd be great. Otherwise I'll give the station a call to find out. Thanks!
Tags: transportation
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