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Rose Algren

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My fiancee and I are big supporters of free wireless internet access, and to that end we have a large antenna on the roof of our house, broadcasting free internet throughout our neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. He is part of and he just told me about some big news on the free wireless front.

Seattle Wireless has gotten permission to install a wireless node on one of the Capitol Hill radio towers, which would effectively broadcast free internet all over the city to anyone within sight of the towers. This would also connect our little free wireless network to the Seattle Wireless metro area network.

Due to insurance and liability reasons, the tower can only be climbed by a very short list of people. Ends up it's rather expensive and they have a small window of time to hire someone off that list to climb up the tower to install the node, so they are looking for donations.

Want to know why this would be super cool? Want to donate some funds? You may do so here:

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